In real terms of agricultural, our company primarily inputs his knowhow to concentrate producing from leonardite to Humate in Turkey. World-class production with Potassium and Sodium Humat offers economic amenities for producing plants and animals to farmers. We are one of the few in the World and the only establishment in Turkey that products mineral Humate (iron Humate, zinc Humate, manganese Humate, copper, etc.) which is completely soluble in water and 100 % chealated by moving his information on production of potassium and Sodium a few steps further. potassium Humate, sodium Humate and mineral humates which are are used in soil agriculture and animal husbandry have got very much use both in plant nutrition and animal nutrition. potassium Humate will be the only material which will solve the problems occurred as a result of the use of chemical fertilizers and soil problems expenditure since the beginning of the 70s alone. Due to our high production capacity we have been presenting the highest quality Humate and 100 % chealated mineral products and chealated NPKed products Turkish farmers with the most reasonable prices. We printed all our packages with the slogan One Retail Price cash in advance for the confidence of our farmers. Until now, as a company that aims to offer the highest quality& most affordable price, with new products our aim is to serve farmers , Turkish agriculture as well as we will continue to contribute to the country's economy by exporting 15 countries all over the world.

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